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We have some very sad news to announce. Our good friend and drummer Wouter Debonnet has decided to stop his activities with Dyscordia. We would like to thank Wouter for the hard work and dedication over the last 13 years and wish him all the best in any future plans. Wouter will be playing the last Delete/Rewrite shows we have planned for this year.

Here you can find some personal words from Wouter.

"It’s been 13 years since the idea for the band Dyscordia started to form in the heads of its founders. 13 years in which the band never saw a line-up change, battling on with dedication, determination and above all, a fond love for creating, arranging and performing music together.

In these 13 years, the band has achieved things I’m immensely proud of – the three full-length albums that were mixed by what I consider to be the best metal producer in the world right now, the spots on major festival bills in Belgium and abroad, and above all, the loyal following and the support of the Dyscordia Army Fanbase.

But 13 years is a long time, especially when faced with the extreme circumstances the world is experiencing in the last few years. Time in which each one of us inevitably has to reflect and evaluate, and eventually, decide.

Unfortunately, for me that means acknowledging the dedication that I have felt for so long, and that is absolutely necessary to maintain a band like Dyscordia, isn’t burning as strong as ever. It pains me to admit that I have felt my passion waver to a level that is no longer acceptable for a member of this fine group of musicians.

I do not think it fair to the band for me to string along and profit off their hard work, and more so I would absolutely hate to stand in the way of the band’s continued success by doing a job that is not up to par with the rest of them. That is why I made the hard decision to step aside to let the band flourish with new blood taking care of the drumming duties, hopefully propelling them higher than I could ever take them.

I am convinced this band has yet to reach its full potential, and I am determined to support them in any way I can. I will also be happy to play the planned tour dates, until the new Dyscordia drummer can take over.

All that remains is for me to give a big thank you to my band mates for 13 years, the Dyscordia crew that has worked selflessly and tirelessly to accommodate our every need, all the organizations that welcomed Dyscordia in the 100+ shows I have played with them, and of course the people that bought the albums and merch, came to see the gigs and made me feel like a rock star.

Thank you all!




No future tourdates are confirmed at this time. New dates will be added soon!


Latest Videoclip

'This House' is the second track on the new album 'Delete / Rewrite'. It was shot and edited by Bram Mervillie [Sixshooter]. Special thanks to Michael Michiels, Ligand, Aura & Oranjehuis for this one!

Other Dyscordia videoclips can be found on our Video page or on our YouTube channel.

Latest Album

Latest album

Delete / Rewrite - Order now!

Recorded at the Road Mark Studios in Belgium in 2018 - 2019, mixed by Jens Bogren at the Fascination Street Studios in Sweden and mastered by Tony Lindgren, Dyscordia's third full-length album 'Delete / Rewrite' features 9 tracks and one bonus track with a total playing length of 54 minutes. The artwork was once again done by Guy Commeene.

This album will be released the 7th of January 2020. You can order it at our web shop.