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We have some very sad news to announce. Our good friend and drummer Wouter Debonnet has decided to stop his activities with Dyscordia. We would like to thank Wouter for the hard work and dedication over the last 13 years and wish him all the best in any future plans. Wouter will be playing the last Delete/Rewrite shows we have planned for this year.

Here you can find some personal words from Wouter.

"It’s been 13 years since the idea for the band Dyscordia started to form in the heads of its founders. 13 years in which the band never saw a line-up change, battling on with dedication, determination and above all, a fond love for creating, arranging and performing music together.

In these 13 years, the band has achieved things I’m immensely proud of – the three full-length albums that were mixed by what I consider to be the best metal producer in the world right now, the spots on major festival bills in Belgium and abroad, and above all, the loyal following and the support of the Dyscordia Army Fanbase.

But 13 years is a long time, especially when faced with the extreme circumstances the world is experiencing in the last few years. Time in which each one of us inevitably has to reflect and evaluate, and eventually, decide.

Unfortunately, for me that means acknowledging the dedication that I have felt for so long, and that is absolutely necessary to maintain a band like Dyscordia, isn’t burning as strong as ever. It pains me to admit that I have felt my passion waver to a level that is no longer acceptable for a member of this fine group of musicians.

I do not think it fair to the band for me to string along and profit off their hard work, and more so I would absolutely hate to stand in the way of the band’s continued success by doing a job that is not up to par with the rest of them. That is why I made the hard decision to step aside to let the band flourish with new blood taking care of the drumming duties, hopefully propelling them higher than I could ever take them.

I am convinced this band has yet to reach its full potential, and I am determined to support them in any way I can. I will also be happy to play the planned tour dates, until the new Dyscordia drummer can take over.

All that remains is for me to give a big thank you to my band mates for 13 years, the Dyscordia crew that has worked selflessly and tirelessly to accommodate our every need, all the organizations that welcomed Dyscordia in the 100+ shows I have played with them, and of course the people that bought the albums and merch, came to see the gigs and made me feel like a rock star.

Thank you all!




After all the unfortunate Covid cancellation stuff, finally some good news again. We've been confirmed for Gullegem Metal Fest 2022. This great local festival is being revived after over 15 years of downtime, and we're stoked to be able to be part of it! We'll see you all there!


Unfortunate news from the Dyscordia camp. After the release of our latest album Delete / Rewrite and the sold-out release show in January of 2020, plans were made and confirmed for a European tour with a big name in November of 2020. When Covid struck, this tour was postponed to November of 2021 with full confidence that the situation would be at least manageable by then. But unfortunately, as of today it’s still impossible to plan a streak of performances in different countries with any certainty and consequently, our touring plans have been cancelled for now. This is unfortunate not only because we were immensely looking forward to touring with the music we have worked so hard for, but also because we have had to deny a lot of cool opportunities and requests for the fall since we were still hoping the tour would go on.
However, since our calendar for the coming months has been cleared, we’ll move on to other things! Plans for the future are already taking shape and we can’t wait to share them with you all!


Dyscordia has been confirmed for Alcatraz 2021, the first Belgian festival in almost two years! We'll be playing on Saturday the 14th of August. More info soon!



Great news! Finally we'll be able to climb the stage again and perform at the Coronaproof Sound of Noise festival in Kortrijk, the 10th of October! For more info, check out https://www.soundofnoise.be - Ticket sales start on Friday the 25th of September!


Unfortunately, due to the Corona crisis, all remaining tourdates for 2020 have been canceled... The good news is we've been confirmed for Alcatraz Metal Fest in 2021! More news about other shows as soon as we have some certainty ourselves!


Unfortunately due to the Corona crisis, all festival shows until the end of August have been cancelled, incuding Alcatraz Metal Fest... We really hope we'll be able to play the shows from September on as planned, including some shows we haven't been able to announce yet!


Today we released the new videoclip for 'This House', the second track on the 'Delete / Rewrite' album! Check it out below or on YouTube!


Dear metalfans, the world is going through a rough time right now. We hope you are all safe and well. As everyone knows this situation has a drastic impact on bands and festivals all over the globe.

WMD (Waregemse Metal day) that was planned for May 17th will be postponed to November 28th. Unfortunately we are not able to play on this new date so we will be replaced by Celeste. If the situation gets under control we have some great news coming up for more shows late 2020. More information (hopefully) soon.

Next week we'll release a new videoclip for "This House" so keep your eye on Youtube and on this page.

Take care of eachother wherever and whenever you can. Together we can beat this thing, we'll see you all soon!


Tomorrow marks the release of our new album, Delete / Rewrite! To celebrate, we've added some sweet package deals to our webshop. Go check them out and order now!



The release party for the new album, 'Delete / Rewrite', has been sold out! Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket! More info on the new album coming soon!


The new videoclip for the title track of our new album, 'Delete / Rewrite', has been released today! Find it on our Video page or on our YouTube channel. The official release date for the album will be January 7th, 2020 but pre-orders will be sent out in December! The release party will be held at De Kreun (Kortrijk) on January 18th, 2020. More information coming soon!


At last we can confirm our new album will be ready before the end of this year! All tracks have been recorded and are now in the hands of Jens Bogren and Tony Lindgren, who will take care of the mixing and mastering duties for us once again! To celebrate this, a new videoclip will be released on October 14th. More news is coming, so keep your eyes on this page!


We've been confirmed for the Heavy Metal Destruction Fest II in France on the 30th of November! More gigs are coming at the end of the year, for now we're hard at work in the studio to prepare the recordings for our 3rd album! Stay tuned!



The Words in Ruin shows are officially over. Thanks to the Dyscordia Army Fanbase for supporting us on all these shows! You definitely make it all worth it. We're back off to the studio to write the new album that will be coming out next year, more information will follow shortly!


This Friday we'll be playing our last local show for the summer, so come say hi! We're also very happy to confirm a new tourdate in Germany the 22nd of September at the Bring 'em Loud festival, can't wait to meet all our German friends there! More tourdates coming soon!


Thanks to everyone who came to greet us at Elpee! We had a lot of fun playing songs we hadn't played in a while and it seemed like you did too - see you at Hrieps and Rock Kappaert to continue the fun!



We're very proud to announce we will be playing at the Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival this summer! It will be an honour to play amongst such a great line-up on such a great festival - and to make it even more special, the festival grounds are practically in our own backyard! See you guys there!


The guys from Rockhok uploaded a live clip they filmed at our performance at Headbanger's Balls last week to their official channel. Check out 'A Perfect Day' on YouTube!


Welcome to the new Dyscordia website! A new design was long overdue and finally we've set our minds to develop a Words in Ruin themed layout. Feel free to hang around and explore the new pages, and don't forget to visit the redesigned webshop! Enjoy!


Added a bunch of shows to the tourdates, more are coming!



The new videoclip for the song 'Bail Me Out' has been released! Check it out on YouTube!


Unfortunately we have to cancel our gig at the Wieltjesfeesten in Menen due to our lead guitar player Guy's injury... We hope to be able to play the other scheduled gigs as planned, we'll keep you updated!


A very big thank you to everyone who supported us at the Summer Breeze festival! We had a great time! Unfortunately we had to play this show without our lead guitar player Guy, who broke his wrist last Wednesday, but we hope to come back to Germany as soon as possible with a full line-up!


Bad news: our lead guitar player Guy broke his wrist in a biking accident yesterday. He had surgery this morning and we expect a full recovery, but unfortunately he will not be able to make it to the gig at Summer Breeze this Saturday. Dyscordia will be performing as planned, but Guy will be dearly missed on stage!


There's some new merchandise available in the webshop, check it out! Also, a big thanks to everyone who was there at our latest gigs at Skullfest and the Alcatraz preparty, we had such a great time on stage! Hope to see a lot of you at Summerbreeze!


'Words in Ruin' was chosen as the best metal album of the first quarter of 2016 by Metalfan.nl! Thanks to all who voted!


Unfortunately, Haunted Sky Fest has been postponed to another date yet to be confirmed... So we will not be playing in Den Bosch the 17th of April. We'll keep you updated!


Wow, Dyscordia was featured in 'De Zwaarste Lijst' on Studio Brussel with 'Chthonic Star'! Even more weird, today Fane was interviewed on the same channel, and they played the song on mainstream radio once again! Thanks to everyone who made this happen!


Added some more reviews to the website. We've also been doing some interviews, one of which has been posted online here - thanks Metal to Infinity!


Added some more reviews of the new album, they are all extremely positive so a big thanks to all reviewers for listening to the album and writing these reviews! Until now, the reception has been fantastic! The official release date is tomorrow, so we hope to see you at Moen Live tomorrow as we'll be carrying a few boxes of the new merch with us!


Added the first few reviews for 'Words in Ruin'. They are overwhelmingly positive, a big thank you to the reviewers! Also, today is the last day you can pre-order the album with a discount - just a reminder! :-)


Tomorrow, Aardschok will release it's March edition featuring the first review of Words in Ruin! We made it to the list of '10 maal eremetaal', which is a great honour... And that's not all, we can also confirm we'll be playing at Summer Breeze Open Air this year! 2016 is shaping up to be a great year for us :-)


Words in Ruin album & merch pre-orders are available now! To celebrate, we've subtracted a 10% discount from all items in the webshop, including the new ones, valid for the whole month of February! Hurry to the webshop and place your orders now!


Some more cool news today: the release show for our new album 'Words in Ruin' will be hosted at De Kreun in Kortrijk, as one of the Alcatraz club shows! We are very honored two of our favorite Belgian bands have agreed to share the stage with us that night, and we're looking forward to building one hell of a party with Thurisaz, Fields of Troy and all of you guys!


At last we're able to confirm some details on our upcoming release! The new album will be called 'Words in Ruin', it will contain 10 tracks and one bonus track, and it will be released on the 5th of March! A trailer of the album can be seen here. Check it out and share it with your friends! More exciting news - including how to pre-order the album - coming in the next few days!


Happy New Year everyone! It's been a long while since the last update but we've been keeping busy... Talking to labels, comparing deals, planning gigs... But final decisions are being made and we're confident we'll be able to give you all some good news in a few weeks! Meanwhile, those of you who keep an eye on our Facebook page will have noticed our holiday present: a full version of our cover of Sonata Arctica's My Land can be streamed on YouTube here! Enjoy and stay tuned for more!



Tomorrow, we're off to Sweden, where the great master Jens Bogren will take care of the mix of the new Dyscordia album! Over a year of hard work will finally pay off when we hear what we consider to be the greatest metal producer of all time take on our songs and craft the sound of the new album! Stay tuned 'cause there might be a preview coming in the near future!


The free container concert organized by Alcatraz was incredible, over a thousand people came to see the great Avatar (what a show!) and us perform at the Grand Marketplace in our home town! We had a lot of fun on stage, not in the least due to the hundreds of people sporting Dyscordia shirts and singing along! Also, hats of to our mayor Vincent Van Quickenborne who joined us on stage to drum along to a cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman - great times... Now we're off to the studio to finish the recordings of the new album - at the end of the summer we'll be back at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden where the marvelous Jens Bogren will take care of the mixing duties once again! More news on this soon!


Wow, we've just been asked to open up for the great band Avatar at the free Container Concert organized by Alcatraz on the 18th of July at the big marketplace in our hometown Kortrijk! Great stuff!! :-)


Our deepest appreciation and thanks go out to all the fans that came to see us at Headbangers Balls fest yesterday. It was an unbelievable feeling to play for a full hall of people singing along and rocking out to our music! Thank you all!!


Ouergh Records are honoured to announce that ‘A TRIBUTE TO SONATA ARCTICA’ will become available physically and digitally worldwide through Bandcamp on July 3rd 2015, with additional services to soon follow.

A tribute album in its purest form, this release features fantastic new recordings of classic Sonata Arctica songs performed by their musical peers, as well as younger artists who are truly influenced by the Finnish power metal masters.

Dyscordia will be featured on this album covering the track 'My Land'!


Great news: we are very proud to announce that Dyscordia is now part of the Alcatraz Booking / Management family! They will take care of all our bookings from now on, so get in touch with them if you'd like to see Dyscordia near you in the near future!


So, we're about two months into 2015 and we've been busy! We had an excellent time at Burgfest - not in the least thanks to the bus of crazy fans that came to support us yet again! We were also ecstatic to be able to work with Jens Bogren and Tony Lindgren again at Fascination Street Studios (a single of our own song Chthonic Star was recorded, as well as a cover of Sonata Arctica's 'My Land' to be featured on the tribute album by Ouergh Records). Meanwhile, the crazy students at PIH made us a videoclip as their graduation project (featuring the 'Chthonic Star' single), we're writing and recording some great stuff for our second album (we'll go hang with Jens again in the summer), and we're confirming some cool gigs (check the Tourdates page for more info)! Needless to say 2015 is shaping up to be a great year for Dyscordia!



Yesterday, we played our last show for 2014 - and it was a party to remember! Thank you so much for the incredible turn up, it felt great to see so many Dyscordia t-shirts and hoodies in the packed venue! We had lots of fun on stage and it looked like you guys had fun as well. A very happy New Year to all of you and see you in 2015!


Great news: December 21st we'll be supporting Vanden Plas at 'De Kreun' in Kortrijk! We're counting on all of you to join us at our hometown for the party of the year!


Finally the first Dyscordia videoclip is online! Check out Twin Symbiosis on YouTube and don't forget to like the clip & spread the word!


We're very proud to announce we'll be featured on a new upcoming tribute album to Sonata Arctica - approved and supported by the band - under Ouergh Records. We will contribute a cover of the song My Land from the first album Ecliptica. Please support this release on the Kickstarter page and preorder the album or one of the package deals. We, and many other international bands, will make sure it's worth every single penny!


We had an incredible time playing at Graspop. A very big THANK YOU to everyone who was there to open the fest with us! We didn't expect to see so many of you, and you made it all the more special to play there! Now let's sit back and enjoy the rest of the fest!


Yesterday was the last rehearsal and we're ready! Hold on to your hats Graspop, here we come!! \m/


Thanks everyone for the party at Gasolina, we had a blast! Next one is Metal Over Oostrozebeke, a very cool fest at a very cool venue so we can't wait! Meanwhile we're working on some great material for the new album. Needless to say there's a lot of happy campers in Dyscordialand!


Thanks to everyone who took out their camera during From Sight to Black! To send us the footage, go to http://www.wetransfer.com (click 'Skip' if you get an ad to upgrade to WeTransfer Plus), click 'Add files', enter wouter@dyscordia.com as the recipient, enter your own email address, and enter your full name in the message: we will mention every person whose footage will be used! Don't worry about quality, even if it's not sharp, only a few seconds long, moving all the time or the sound sucks: send it anyway, maybe we'll be able to use it somehow! Thanks dudes!!


The new Dyscordia Webshop is now online - just in time to be too late for the Easter holidays! Happy shopping!


Welcome on the brand new Dyscordia web page! We threw out the old design and started with something new, fresh and hopefully easy to navigate and informative. As with any major update, there might still be a few glitches, and we're still working on a brand-new online shop, but feel free to browse around and make yourself at home!


Great news today, as we can finally confirm Dyscordia will play at Graspop 2014! As you can see in this video announcement, we will play at the Jupiler stage on Thursday the 26th, opening for a few legendary Belgian bands! Hope to see you all there!!


Once again, we are simply amazed by the level of support you guys are showing us! Last Saturday, two busses full of Dyscordia fans traveled with us to The Netherlands, where we were able to play one of the funnest shows yet! At times, you were singing along louder than our monitors and it felt GREAT! You guys are incredible and we can't thank you enough!!!


Dyscordia is proud to announce the deal with Demon Productions, who will be handling our bookings from now on. Check out this cool YouTube vid they made to welcome us to their ranks!


Well, we were thrown off the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Contest because apparently they thought we were too old to compete... In any case we'd like to thank all of you for your massive support, Dyscordia was rising to the top of the buzz chart at an incredible rate! Contest or no, you guys rule!! Looking forward to the gig in Terneuzen on Saturday, see you all on the bus!


Dyscordia has finally found its way to Twitter! Go to Twitter to follow us and give us some buzz!


As you can see, we have entered the Red Bull Bedroom Jam contest! You can help us by going to their website and clicking the like button on the top right, writing facebook comments on their page, writing comments on the YouTube link, etc - at the end of each week, the band who got the most 'buzz' this way will have a chance to play at Graspop and/or Dour! We're counting on you!



The last few shows of the year went great, thanks to all the crazy fans who kept coming to support us! We had a blast!! A few new shows for 2014 have been added to the Tourdates section. We're also working on new material so stay tuned for more news!


A big & heartfelt THANK YOU to our crazy fans who were still there at 2 AM to rock den Tap with us. The place was packed and we had the time of our lives! Also a big thanks to guest vocalist Thomas Vervaeke and our crew for their hard work in the early hours!


Added a few reviews, changed the Links pages with all the companies we work with, and did a few stylistic changes overall... Hope you like them! See you all tomorrow at DVG Indoor!


Updated the Pictures section with a bunch of cool pics from our latest gigs. A few more tourdates are coming, so keep an eye on this page!


Bad news today... Fane is still down for health reasons and therefore we have no other choice than to cancel the show that was scheduled tomorrow at the Elpee in Deinze. We did not make this decision lightly and we hope you understand... We'll try to make it up to you in the near future!


Be sure to check out this month's Rock Tribune, which features a cool interview with Dyscordia! Also, keep an eye on the Tourdates page, we're confirming some new cool gigs as we speak!


Twin Symbiosis is now available on iTunes and Spotify! Check it out at the iTunes store or on Spotify!


Some new gigs have been confirmed, check them out on the Tourdates page! Are you excited for Skullfest and Dokk'em Open Air yet? Because we sure as hell are! See you then!


New reviews keep coming in, and we are really getting some great scores! Check out the Press page to get an idea. Thanks a lot to all reviewers for their time & effort!


Yesterday must have been one of the greatest nights of our lives, two years of extremely hard work, recording, mixing, negotiating,... all led up to the release party of 'Twin Symbiosis' that night and it was totally more than worth it, we could not have wished for a better turnout! The venue was completely packed and rocked our socks off!
Thanks so much to everyone who was there, and a special thanks to Creature for their excellent show and warming up the crowd, Mieke Decock for the rocking afterparty, and the roadies for working so hard and making it a lot easier for us! Jan Vandamme, Wim Rosty Vanneste, Koen Couckuyt, Valerie Vanhoutte, Lynn Beyls, Veerle Lazou, and of course Dieter Heavy-d Bossaerts and Steffy Lioen, we can't thank you enough ;) Also, special mentions to Den Tap and Geert from Music on the Road for providing us with the excellent location and PA!
We've probably never had this much fun on stage, hope to see you all again on the next few gigs! Rock on!!


We have updated the online order system, you can now order the new 'Twin Symbiosis' t-shirts / girlies on the website, and check out the new package containing both the album and a brand-new t-shirt or girlie for a very reasonable price! Go to the Shop page to order a t-shirt, girlie or package (or you can still order the album by itself on the Discography page)!


Once again there is excellent news to share with you guys! Dyscordia has signed a deal with DMI Records for the distribution of 'Twin Symbiosis' in the Benelux. The album will soon be available in stores, on I-tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bol.com, and many more! Also, new reviews keep coming in, so keep an eye on the Press page!


And the first two reviews are in! Pretty high scores as well, check them out on the Press page. A big thanks to Ashladan & Metal to Infinity for their support!


WE WON THE PPM & DOKKUM OPEN AIR METAL BATTLE ALLIANCE !!!! An enourmous THANKS to the guys who were there to sit on a bus with us for over 10 hours just to support us :-) We couldn't have done it without you!! Check the Tourdates page for more info on our two first big festival dates!


And the good news show continues! There's a full bus of people who want to support us on the final battle in Dokkem (one or two places left, contact bookings@dyscordia.com if you are interested) and we were able to set a time and place for the release show of our new album 'Twin Symbiosis'! Everyone is invited at JH Tap (Kuurne) the 20th of April, see the Tourdates page for the flyer and more info!


Yesterday we came, saw and conquered Charleroi! And that's not thanks to ourselves, but thanks to all those crazy fans who came to support us and gave us a hell of a good time! You guys really are incredible and we can't thank you enough! MERCI ALLEMOLLE!!


Great news everyone! We were finally able to set a release date for our first full album, 'Twin Symbiosis'!
The album will be released the 16th of March 2013. Pre-orders are already available on the Discography page, and there are two full songs and one teaser of the complete album available on the Music page.
We're also planning a release show to present the album, so stay tuned for more info!



It's been a while since our last update, so let's make it a big one! First and foremost, we've had a lot of fun playing lots of gigs in the last few months. Thanks to everyone who was there to show us their support! As a little 'thank you', we've added two full songs of the upcoming album to our Music section! You can also find both of these songs on YouTube (link is on our Facebook) so check those out as well, and be sure to share them with everyone you know!


There's a small promo video on YouTube for the new Twin Symbiosis album, check it out here and let us know what you think!


Allright! Yesterday, we received the final master from Tony Lindgren and it really sounds incredible! But we've been throwing around terms like 'incredible' and 'stellar' for too long, it's about time we'd let you judge for yourself - so get yourself to the Music page, where you'll find a 7-minute compilation of the whole album - that's about the length of a (long) song! Also, since we're in a very generous mood today, we've updated the Discography page with the full tracklisting of the album, and the cover artwork as well! Enjoy!!


We had an incredible time in the studio with Jens Bogren, and the mix sounds incredible! Mastering is taking a little longer than we anticipated, but expect sound samples - and the first revealing of the artwork - soon! Also, lots gigs have been confirmed and a few more are coming, so we hope to see you there!


Allright! The recordings for our first full-album, entitled 'Twin Symbiosis', are now officially finished! All tracks are exported and uploaded to the Fascination Street Studios FTP server to get the Jens Bogren treatment. 23,1 GB consisting of 495 wave tracks that now have to be mixed down into their final form of 11 songs. Jens is planning to begin his work - which will take about two weeks - the 6th of August. We can't wait to fly to Sweden to work with him again!


Very cool news today: we've been asked to play at Dessel Swingt, a great festival organised by some of the same people that are responsible for Graspop Metal Meeting, the 25th of August. This will be an excellent party for us as only 5 days before, we'll be returning from the Fascination Street Studios in Sweden with the master of our next album! We're also glad to share the stage with the guys from Lemuria again, who deserve a big congrats for winning the GMM band contest after playing a killer show on Graspop a few weeks ago. Party on, dudes!


Great news everyone! In the summer we're heading to Fascination Street Studios in Sweden, where Jens Bogren - who is responsible for kick-ass sounding albums from Opeth, Katatonia, Paradise Lost, etc - will provide our first full-length album with a sound that will get even the most moderate audiophile an instant hard-on! Meanwhile recording is going great and even with our own sucky preproduction mixes the songs are rocking like hell - in any case we'll keep you in the loop on what's new and what's hot in the Dyscordia camp!


The recording of the new album is going excellent! Only one more drumtrack to go, and the stringdudes are working hard to keep up! We're also checking out the possibility of doing some 'out of the studio' live gigs, we'll let you know how that goes - in any case there will be more news soon!



A nice weekend ahead: we're playing at Jeffrey's birthday (666 fest) at the Bierpompe in Wervik on Friday, and we'll also be rocking the mighty Frostrock (which has a mighty fine line-up by the way) on Saturday! Hope to see you there!


Kind of last minute, we know, but we've been invited to play at the PandDemonium benefiet festival this Saturday at Den Englantier in Antwerp! Should be a cool night and the whole thing will help the guys at PandDemonium to keep doing their part for the Belgian metal scene, so it would be cool to see a few of you guys there!


Added three tourdates, a whole bunch of pics from the past few gigs and another full song to the Music section - all for your entertainment! Thanks a lot to everyone who came to support us over the last few months, we've had an amazing run and we can't wait to present some new material at the next gigs! See you all there!


We're very proud to announce we've been asked to support Thurisaz on the release show of their newest album at JH Tap, the 21st of May. Thurisaz has always been a band we respect and admire so we're really looking forward to sharing the stage with them and seeing them perform the songs on their new album! This will be a night to remember!


Added a few shows to the Tourdates page. Our schedule for 2011 is filling up pretty nicely! Also added a few reviews of the 'Reveries' EP to the Press section, more are coming soon!



Added two gigs to the Tourdates page. More gigs are to be confirmed soon! Thanks a lot to everyone who was there at Frostrock for us, there were a lot more people than we expected and the response was overwhelming! Thank you, and hope to see you soon on another gig!


The Reveries EP has been released today! Get your copy on the Discography page or your package deal on the Shop page! And don't forget we're doing a major promo action at Frostrock this Saturday (see below)!


Next week should be a good one! The pressed CDs will finally be delivered, and we'll be able to celebrate the release at Frostrock, one of the finest festivals West-Flanders has to offer! As a mild incentive to get you to the concert early (we'll be playing at 14h45), everyone who goes to our merch stand before our gig starts will get a major discount (25% on a package deal, 20% on a CD and almost 20% on a t-shirt or girlie)! Everyone who pre-ordered through the website will get the same discount if they show up before the gig! So we hope to see you there and help us celebrate!


Added two reviews of the upcoming EP to the Press page. The pressed CDs should be delivered very soon now, stay tuned!


The master of the EP is ready and has been sent to the pressing company. It will be released by Road Mark Productions - we should be able to confirm the release date very soon. Both songs on the Music page have been updated to the final version, check them out!


Don't miss our show this Saturday at club B52 in Eernegem! We'll be playing all songs from our upcoming EP Reveries - which has been fully mixed and is now being sent to the presses - and maybe something extra! More news about the EP release coming soon...


T-shirts with the 'Reveries' artwork are now available for pre-order on the Merchandise page. Delivery is expected at the end of October. We hope to announce a release date for the EP soon as well!


Updated 'Black Clown' to the latest version of the mix, and added a whole new preproduction song 'The Empty Room' - check it out on the the Music page! More news about the release coming soon!


Added a full track to the Music page. This is a preproduction sample so the mix is not done yet, however it should give you an idea of what we are working on! Enjoy!


Added a new gig to the Tourdates page. Dyscordia will perform at the B52 Club in Eernegem on the 23rd of October. More gigs will be confirmed soon! Also, check out the pics from the Polfest gig on the Pictures page!


We had a blast at Polfest Saturday! Can't wait to do some more shows. Thanks to everyone who showed up!


Don't miss Dyscordia's first performance, this Saturday at Polfest (Passendaalsestraat 65, Moorslede)! We'll be performing with Loss of Sanity and Burleting. It should be a fun evening, so see you there!


Added a whole lot of content to the site. Biography, Discography & Merchandise pages are now online, as well as two of the member pages. The rest is coming soon!


Welcome to the brand new Dyscordia website! Most parts of the site are still under heavy construction, but some tourdates have already been added and new information will be added soon! Enjoy!